Terms & Conditions for .VN domain name

1. Principle

Domain names by organizations or individuals choose to register must ensure no phrases violate national interests or inconsistent with social ethics, with fine traditions of the nation; must demonstrate seriousness to avoid misunderstandings or distortions due polyphonic, ambiguous or when not used mark in Vietnamese – (point 2.2, a), Clause 2, Section II of the Circular 09/2008 / TT-MIC 24/12/2009 of the Ministry of Information and Communications on management guidance and use of Internet resources.

2. Responsibilities of the subject domain name registration

Domain name registration subject to entirely responsible before the law for purposes of use and accuracy of the information provided, ensuring the registration and use of domain names as prescribed, do not infringe upon the rights , the legitimate interests of organizations and individuals.

Registrants using the domain name is responsible for managing and maintaining the right to use your domain name and be responsible for any violations regarding his use of the domain name due to lax management cause.

Registrants using the domain name is obliged to manage and track information on operational status, the validity period of the domain name was registered. In all cases, the domain name does not continue paying the annual fee when due are automatically suspended and revoked as prescribed.

Holders must complete the process of domain name registration statement under the provisions of the register VinaHost. In cases where the registration has not received a statement, the domain will be temporarily cut use rights until full payment subject complete declaration.

3. Change the domain information: The provisions at Point 7.2, Clause 7, Section II – Circular 09/2008 / TT-MIC

When changing the name of the agency, organization or information contact-like contacts, phone, fax, e-mail, proof of the people, agencies, organizations and individuals must notify in writing immediately to VinaHost know to ensure accurate information. VinaHost can not and will not assume liability and compensation for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with this provision.

4. Submit the registration fee and maintaining

Domain names registered must be paid the full registration fee (collected only 01 times) and domain name maintenance fee (collected annually, the minimum is 01 years, incentive pay for many years) when filing . When incomplete payment of fees and charges, the domain name will not be registered.

Domain name registration subject to proactively monitor information on the operational status, the validity period of the domain name was registered, must actively coordinate procedures are completed contract renewal domain name and pay fees maintain before 10 days after domain name expiry. Maintenance fees domains can pay once for many years, or pay for each year.

When paying the annual fee, domain name registration holder must provide complete information: name of the subject domain name registration, payment of charges for any domain name, years of maintenance for each domain and compliance the rules guiding our payment referred to in Cach-pay VinaHost can not and will not assume liability and compensation for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from domain name holders not comply with this payment.

5. Disputes domain name

All disputes related problem of domain names, we will handle according to the regulations of the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC).