Shared Hosting Support

Unlimited support

For all shared hosting service packages, technical team will support:

  • Handle all the errors related to the configuration of the shared hosting server systems.
  • Guide or implement the operation package management service.
  • Determine the cause of the website errors and guide how to handle.
  • Perform to restore data from old backups.
  • Transfer data between the service packs in the same system of VinaHost server.

Limited support

Some VinaHost support operations performed once (with instructions for customers):

  • Install website source.
  • Transfer data from another provider to VinaHost host.

Limited support include

  • Install, test and handle errors related pirated source or encrypted source code.
  • Directly perform intervention operations to the source or content of the customer website.
  • Directly perform configuration operations or website content management that are the responsibility of the customer.