Database Hosting at VinaHost is a professional database storage service that allows user to easily manipulate, manage with resources based on Cloud platform.

Database Hosting MySQL is created only for managing and using MySQL database so that it does not have features related to website operating and hosting. Database Hosting ensures the performance and data security thanks to the following outstanding features:

  • Easy to use with Cpanel interface.
  • Provide high IOPS thanks to SSD Cloud storage.
  • Use cloud infrastructure for high availability and stability.
  • Provide many options with affordable price.
  • Use powerful hardware and support free periodical backup.

Database hosting

MySQL Hosting at Vinahost supports MySQL version 5.7 (use Percona for the best performance) with many optimized features dedicated to databases like memory, performance and I/O.

Features Database Hosting Web Hosting
Memory High Medium
Performance High Medium
Disk I/O High Medium
Throughput High Medium
Database size 5GB 1GB
Safety High Medium
Cost/Performance Good Medium

Currently, VinaHost provides Database Hosting service with many options of parameters and cost to meet customers’ needs.

If you want to sign up for trial Database Hosting, please contact VinaHost directly via hotline 1900 6046 or email support@vinahost.vn.

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